About Us

We have been operating for over forty years in the field of men's/women's fashion and recently also children's fashion. The success that has accompanied our business to date stems from our attention to our customers and our ability to satisfy their every desire and need by offering the most up-to-date and innovative fashion offers under the banner of good taste, quality style and the right price. All this is reflected in the vast assortment in our stores, where the major and most appreciated brands icons of style, elegance, practicality are represented, whose creations of clothes, bags, shoes and accessories are able to satisfy the tastes and needs of a wide range of customers. From February 2020 we are also present in children's fashion 0-16 years with the new boutique in St. Sebastian Square. Attention to detail offers the best brands to our little customers. In 2020 the arrival of Covid-19 forces us to close all our stores for more than two months. When they reopen in order to protect the health of our customers and employees, measures are taken to prevent the spread of the virus, using among other things, various state aid: 21/10/2020 Revenue Agency € 51.52 sanitization tax credit ; 30/06/2020 Revenue Agency € 1. 568.00 advertising investment tax credit ; 16/09/2020 Revenue Agency € 12,700.49 lease tax credit ; 16/09/2020 Revenue Agency € 229.50 tax meter tax credit ; 31/07/2020 Revenue Agency € 13,223.00 contribution art.25 Dl.34/2020 ; 30/06/2020 Revenue Agency € 740.00 tax meter tax credit ; 2020 Revenue Agency € 46,568.00 Mezzogiorno tax credit. In addition, the company received during 2020 state aid published on the RNA section transparency.